Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Schindler gave hope ...

I fell in love with this film,the first time I had a chance to see it.I am not much into war films.But my husband is a great fan of war films and films based on Germany portraying Adolf Hitler's regime.With him,I have turned into a steady fan of these films.And what better film to start the foray into this topic than the most renowned film "Schindler's List".
The story is simple.Oskar Schindler,a German businessman,acquires a factory in the hope of making his fortune as a war profiteer.He recruits Jews from the "Kraków Ghetto",which comprises of Jews relocated from Poland.They are not paid anything,of course.But in course of time,Schindler develops a conscience,causing him to procure as many Jews as possible with the sole aim of saving them from execution at the various concentration camps,mainly the Auschwitz concentration camp.He uses his money to bribe officials at various levels to falsify documents allowing him to retain a number of Jews.The way he succeeds in convincing various officials of the use of each and every Jewish member he retains,is indeed laudable.
For me,What made this one of "the must see films of holocaust" was the stark portrayal of the conditions of the then "Ghetto" along with the sensitivity that Oskar experienced after witnessing the execution of the many jews who were not in his list.There comes a time,when he willingly gives his fortune to save a few more lives from the sea of depleting Jews,being shipped to the Auschwitz.The scenes portraying how the workers of his factory in turn,gift him a ring and their future generations remember him with gratitude for their lives,brings tears to my eyes.
What is most touching is the hope it brings,during the darkest hours,the world ever witnessed.

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