Friday, May 18, 2012

When Segal wrote Love Story

It is only once in a while that someone manages to say something so meaningful in such simple sentences.Segal is one of those who did it in "Love Story". For a  long while,I put off reading this book due to the title.I thought,a book with a title as this must be standard stuff.
Little did I know that I had hit upon one of those page turners which keep you awake at night.And the funny part was that,I couldn't stop myself from reading on,even after the preview of the tragic ending,portrayed in the beginning pages.What has been the charm of the book is that,it is so simple,that it could be true....

What starts as rich boy meets poor girl with a temper,mellows down to destiny after love and marriage.Fate plays a cruel hand in the lives of Oliver and Jennifer after they overcome all odds to be together forever.
Somehow ,some of the dialogues which touched me were as simple as "Love means never having to say you're sorry".
To follow it up,I also saw the film by the same name "Love Story". It had Ryan O 'Neal and Ali MacGraw starring in the lead roles.Needless to  say,I was in tears by the end of the film.There was just the right amount of drama and I would bet even now that "It was one of the best on screen chemistry ever seen."

 After having devoured such a gem of  a story,I am in search of more such tales to satisfy my hunger....


  1. Hi Ramya, Have you seen movie Notebook. One of the best love stories I have seen think 2 years now. I think you may like it