Saturday, June 2, 2012

Seducing the Audience

I had long ago started my foray into the Korean-Japanese_Taiwanese drama with a whole long list of tear-jerkers.I will get to that part later.What I really want to rave about is this one of a kind comedy....the Korean comedy film"Seducing Mr Perfect" starring Uhm Jung-hwa and the super hot Daniel Henney. If you see this film,you will definitely get addicted to "the whats going to happen next element",though the whole plot is the something,which every romance fan would have read a million times in a million different books.

There is a certain secret to making a romance a success....some ideals,some misunderstandings,some craziness and somehow making the jigsaw fit to have "the happily ever after ending".And what's different about this film is that it is uniquely an "English-Korean" film with the lady speaking korean and the boss lord speaking English,though he does understand Korean.
You must see this to appreciate it.And I do not for one moment say that it has an excellent plot or a heart warming ending.This is the craziest whacky one I have ever seen in cinema.But truthfully,its one of the many which held my attention from the beginning to the end.Now the plot as I understand it.....Min-joon(heroine) has just broken up with her boyfriend or rather the other way around.Her day at the office,being introduced to the new boss man Robin Heiden,whom she has already met on the way to her office by accident(it really is an accident on the road ,btw),leaves her with her full antenna of defences sticking up her ears.Robin has clear cut ideas on everything...from work to relationships and though you do not see a whole range of emotions on his face.....Who seriously needs them,when you have a body to die for ....ah....
While Min-Joon  asks him for advice on relationships,Robin unwittingly falls under her spell,though he acknowledges it very much near the end of the film.One of the scenes which had me howling with laughter is the fight scene between Min-Joon and her brother,which Robin interrupts and promptly misunderstands as something else.....

This is one film you do want to see if its a cheesy ending you are after...And what better way than to go for a Korean film that's intent on seducing the audience like this one.

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