Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Third day - Padmarajan Classics

Most of us, I suppose, are a little nervous of the sea.  No matter what its smiles may be, we doubt its friendship.  ~H.M. Tomlinson

There are instances,when even cinema leaves us feeling a nostgalia,which lasts more than a day.If it is truly a moving story,it makes you reflect deeply on what might have been.It is only a skillful director,who manages to evoke such primitive emotions in his audience through his fantastic story telling.There are quite a few  such films,which are known to me.I will try to capture the magic of one such film called "Moonram Pakkam".Directed by Padmarajan,this is a beautiful Malayalam film,which evokes such deep connection with the psych of the viewer,that somewhere around the middle of the film,you cease to see it as a film and actually relate to it as if it is hapening to someone dear to you.

Thambi is an 80 year old man,living alone in a beach town.he receives news that his grandson is coing to visit him.He has not seen him in 5 years,since his son's death.His grandson Bhaskar visits with three of his friends and they all have a wonderful time in his grandfather's house.One day,they go to swim in the beach.The waves wash away Bhaskar and this is when the true story unfolds.
There is sadness.But rather than lengthy dialogues or tearful scenes,the scenes consist of haunting music portraying the sea.There goes a saying that if the sea has taken a person,it will leave the body on the shores within three days.As Bhaskar's body is not immediately found,everyone clings to the hope that maybe he is still alive.The friends feel guilty that they are alive and the grandfather has hope that somehow his grandson is still out there somewhere.They all wait  those three days to hear the sea's decision.strange as it may sound,the sea plays the pivotal role in this flm.

Its one of those films,which makes your hair stand up,even while narrating it to someone or putting it in paper.After seeing it,you are left with restless emotions mingled with sadness and acceptance that "this was fate".Director padmarajan manages to bring the best in all the actors.Thilakan excels in his performance as the grandfather and Jayaram suits the role of the grandson to a "T".

Anyone,who sees good cinema,this is a jewel for you to treasure.

Film name:Moonram Pakkam aka "The Third Day"
Directed by:Padmarajan
Cast:Jayaram,Jagathi Sreekumar ,Thilakan ,Rahman ,Ashokan

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