Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watching "Anego"

I will write to say all that's on my mind on this one.Or so I thought while starting.I love watching the japanese - korean - taiwanese dramas,especially because they are short and sweet...and this one is no exception.While searching for something,this name came up and I sat through the whole of this japanese drama with english subs,in the hopes of watching something different.To say that I was satiated,will be an understatement.

"Anego" means "older sister".Rather than being just a story with the title "Anego",this is a delicious slice of life  drama with just the right amount of everything.I wanted to write my evolving thoughts while taking a break between each of the episodes,because this story was truly engaging in the matter of fact way,in which the characters are portrayed here.
There were no frills or unnecessary nonsense.Rather,the amazing Shinohara Ryoka,who plays the character of "Anego" makes us fall in love with the dreams and hopes of the  32 year old woman,who seems in search of the idea of happiness.The younger man played by Akenashi Jin does not seem to have the scope for a complex or major chunk portrayal in the drama,as that of Kato Masaya playing Sawaki Shoichi,with whom "anego" has an affair with.To leave out the superb acting of Tomosaka Rie as Sawaki Erico would do serious injustice to the serial.
All I would say is that this sweet,sentimental drama had me hanging on right till the end and kept me guessing what was going to happen next.

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