Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not without my Daughter

This is one of those fantastic films which I got to watch.It was a thrilling and thought provoking in turns and had a solid story base,which kept the ball rolling throughout.Don't go by the reviews which do not do full justice to the storyline and just focuses on the acting of the actress Sally Field.
This film is based on the real life story of American Betty Mahmoody,who went to Iran with her Sayed Bozorg Mahmoody husband and daughter Mahtob.What was to be a short vacation during which she would get the chance to meet with her husband's family and understand the customs and traditions of his land,soon turned into a nightmare for her.He husband has already decided that they would stay in Iran as it would be good for the family and forces Betty to stay against her will,by going to extremes like confiscating her passport and threatening her that as per the Iranian law,the child will remain in Iran,even if Betty wants out of the marriage.How Betty plans her escape all the while under the watchful eyes of her husband and his family and the plight of many other American women in similar circumstances in Iran,is portrayed in a sensitive manner in this film.The films was shot in the US and Israel.
Alfred Molina,who plays the character of Sayed Mahmoody,has acted wonderfully throughout the film and the child actress Sheila Rosenthal,who plays Mahtob,beautifully portrays the culture shock,which a child experiences,when forced to embrace another culture.

While the first half of the film is slow paced and takes time to introduce us to the psyche of the characters,it is only in the second half of the film that the story proceeds in a lively pace and makes us sit through with our hands sweaty waiting for the next scene to play out.
While it can be argued that the culture of Iran and Islam has been portrayed to the extreme as being violent and unforgiving,it does reflect the radical difference of culture between the west and East.It is definitely a different film and one worth watching,just to have a glimpse of the other side of the globe,portrayed as in Iran.

Film name:Not without my Daughter
Written  by:Betty Mahmoody
Directed by :Brian Gilbert
Cast:Sally Field,Alfred Molina,Sheila Rosenthal, Roshan Seth,

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