Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Outsourced - A different take on all things outsourced

I just watched "Outsourced" and was pleasantly charmed and disarmingly surprised,with the right blend of reality and fiction.If you read the various reviews,you will hear the phrase "a lot of heart" being there in the film.I would just like to add that I am from India and I had a chance to work as a customer service Rep in the USA,in Florida.I surely had to deal with the downside of having an accent.Hence the situations portrayed in the film made it dear to me.Okay,the story was tweaked a bit to the far end.But most of India portrayed here was the real India,which you do not see in films.It may make you decide that India is not worth visiting after all.Despite there being dirt and dust all around,the simple acceptance and friendliness that people bestow upon you is indeed warm.
Ok, back to the story,"Outsourced" deals with an American Todd Anderson,whose job is outsourced to India.How he goes to India to train people there and his take on India...the people,culture etc is told in a lighthearted way.There is Puro,his replacement,Asha,one of the charming women,he gets to meet and get acquainted with.It is no thrill to disclose the full story and spoil the surprise.
Lets just say that there are all sorts of unlikely situations,hardly ever encountered in the West.This film will be a definite eyeopener to the curry that makes India and the people in it.

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