Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Books – A Short List Of Absolute Must Reads

Its a crazy world out there and a visit to the library without any set objective, seems a sure waste of valuable time.For the most ardent bookworm out there, its always a challenge to find an interesting book worth the time and effort, not to mention that almost transcient happiness which fills our mind on having read a good book.What I've done here is to present to you the absolute best books which I have had the chance to read.You may have read some or most of these.But if you are just starting out and want the whole goldmine of informaton to help you make your choice for the day or rather the crazy weekend relax and let go night, here is the list.

Bloodline – Sydney Sheldon:
Sydney Sheldon is one of the best known authors with several amazing masterpieces such as Master Of The Game Rage Of The Angels, The Other Side of Midnight, The Naked face to his credit.I have read all of the titles listed here and they are the absolute best books with amazing plots, suspense and thrill to get your adrenalin pumping.Now, there's a style to each author and I consider Bloodline as his best novel because of the history, pace and intrigue on which the plot strongly falls on.Rhys Williams and Elizabeth Roffe are among the most important characters around whom the story revolves.But its a family business we are talking about and each of the characters featured have a strong weakness and a reason for urgent cash, enough to commit murder for access to the company's shares.Then there is the murder of innocent girls in their moment of esctacy, which is also an important subplot leading up to the final expose.Be assured that this is one book which will have you awake at midnight turning pages.

The Second Lady – Irving Wallace
Irving Wallace has written several books, most of them thoroughly researched and based on sexual themes.The Celestial Bed is virtually a how to guide for pleasure and satisfaction, which many a reader depends on to get his/her method right.While books like The Chapman Report, The Three Sirens do not have strong plot lines, The Second lady excels with a strong plot and enough suspense to keep you going to the last page.Throw in a plot with The First Lady, a kidnap and an exact look alike to replace her, with the Russian secret service involved, you've got everything covered to keep your readers panting for more.This is truly one of the best books I've ever read and frankly speaking , its the only one of Irving Wallace which I've read with a satisfying plot line.

Shall We Tell The President – Jeffrey Archer
Jeffrey Archer, the master story teller has written many page turners such as Kane and Able, Honor Among Thieves, First Among Equals and one of his best books is " Shall We Tell The President?" Set in Washington DC, it features Florentyna Kane as the to be elected US president and is actually featured as the third book of the "Kane and Able" trilogy, though the story tself was written as a stand alone.The plot is absolutely superb and the story moves at a very fast pace.There is researched information with factual tidbits on the working of the US intelligence.It all comes down to one thing: Can the lone surviving FBI agent prevent an assasination attempt on the country's first female President single handedly in a seeming poltical maze in which every one is a pawn.This political thriller with a lean mean plot is a treasure for book lovers everywhere.

The Godfather – Mario Puzo
Though Mario Puzo wrote famous novels like The Fortunate Pilgrim and The Sicilian, the most famous and his absolute masterpiece is "The Godfather".The story set in the streets of New York, featuring the workings of the Italian Mafia and made immortal on screen by Marlon Brando who played Vito Corleoni, is a work of carefully thought plot with significant emphasis on strategy.This is the book which is deemed to have portrayed the changing face of US and the various cultural groups forming a part thereof.
While you may have watched the film, nothing is as interesting as having a peek at the original source which inspired such a breath taking film.

Angels and Demons – Dan Brown
With all talk about best books, no list is complete without featuring a book or two of Dan Brown, one of the best selling authors of thrilling adventure.Though he's written several books such as The Da Vinci Code, Inferno and The Lost Symbol of the Robert Langdon Series, Angels And Demons remains my favorite to date and gets featured in my best books list.
The plot features the Illuminati Diamond, theft of anti matter and a world disaster to be stopped, all set in a 24 hour time frame, with Robert Langdon at hs best ever.Its an amazing plot of fast paced events based on good and evil, love and hate, science and logic hope and joy and you will love every minute of the chase to the end, especially if you love to see a puzzle falling into place.
And that brings us to the end of the first list of best books, all top secret information, provided for your exclusive enjoyment.If you are a newbie and loves the thrill of a chase and want to get going in the right direction, this is the short list of best books for you.Each of these is by a different author and these are all best selling authors as well.If you've not decided on one already, this is the right time to do so.
I would love to hear from all of you who have read this article.Please feel free to write in your comments

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