Friday, August 23, 2013

On A Windy Friday Evening !

I have been in Sydney for almost 4 months now.Amazing how time flies by.It seems as if we just landed here yesterday.The place where we live is somewhere around the center of civilization.Though it is lonely here and you do not even know who lives next door, you eventually stop letting that bother you after some time.As one of the children in a household, where both parents were employed, you actually get used to being alone by yourself a lot of the time.
Nowadays, I can honestly say that it is actually a drain of energy when associating with people and going to places and events, just because it is the in thing to do.However, there is the shopping complex a fifteen minute walk from our apartment, which I religiously frequent and a friend living next door with whom I chat every other day.I am in love with Sydney.There is no other way to describe this experience.If you are in US, you do not even know what you are missing out on.
Maybe what makes it so beautiful here is the casual, laid back charm of the place and people.It seems to have the combination of the modernity  that is US, the wilderness that is Australia and the mix of multilingual culture, with the overall effect that it makes one feel at ease.
My daughter will be turning 3 years old this month.As a stay at home mom, 24 hours do not seem enough to do the job of looking after the house, cooking, cleaning and looking after my daughter.As a person, who loves to search for good books and movies, I find very limited time to do what I like.I have been freed up a bit since this last month, as we have put our daughter in a daycare/preschool setup.It is quite costly here, especially as the refunds and benefits are only for permanent residents and Australian citizens.We're very lucky to be able to afford this, even on a three day a week basis.

Well, you cannot be in Sydney/NSW without talking about weather.They say that winter starts around the start of June and ends around the end of August, with July being the coldest.The weather changes about 3 to 4 times a day.Sometimes the morning starts out being very sunny, with the afternoons turning cold, the evenings turning warm and the nights turning coldest.This week has been especially windy and cold.All my shopping plans for the week keep getting postponed.I especially wait for the weekends, where we can sleep a bit longer, without having to get up in the cold to complete the daily cooking and cleaning in time for breakfast.

I wanted to write all this, sitting at home today, a windy Friday evening.
Each day is an adventure, and experience teaches you a lot of things which you would not have learned, had you simply been part of a family.The best thing about Sydney for me is that there is the public library within walkable distance, to satisfy my craving for books.I do not have to depend on anyone to get there and absolutely love the freedom and independence.Sure I miss my family, but they would not want me to sit here feeling sad and what seems most important is to live in the present and enjoy the golden sights and sounds that this land has in store for me.
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