Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sherry Thomas - Private Arrangements - A Book Review

I actually went to collect something else which I had reserved and waited for a long time.Took this book mainly because I was curious about the title with the front cover showing a beautiful maiden in white.The plot summarized at the back seemed very interesting - the sort with a lot of unanswered questions hanging, a clear bait for a curious reader on the look out for just such a drama in pages.

The storyline, if you look at it from a reader's point of view is astonishingly simple.I wager you may have read a similar plot sometime or the other because it is the sort on which many tales are written.But to her credit, the way in which Sheryl Thomas narrates her story sets it apart from various other books I've had the chance to read.Set against wealth and opulence, there is a certain strength of character, which lends itself to the stars of the story - Gigi Rowland and Camden Saybrook, who are introduced at the start as Lord and Lady Tremaine between whom these unusual "Private Arrangements" exist.Known for their perfect marriage, Lord and Lady Tremaine have lived on separate continents for ten years after their marriage.Gigi wants to be free of this arrangement to carry on with her life and that brings us back to the present - that of Camden Alias Lord Tremaine agreeing to it under certain conditions.The author seamlessly weaves her tale between past and present taking us on a wild ride, with particular attention to detail by a thorough account of certain incidents of the past and how they affect the present.

Gigi is presented as a strong woman who is industrious, has a fortune to her name and does not see any harm in using the influence of her wealth to get what she wants, be it a title or love.The result of her actions follow her throughout and the punishment in the form of private arrangements, is Camden's way of rewarding her betrayal.Only, the punishment seems to bring him more pain than her.When there seems to be a way to finally set things right, he has not bargained for Gigi to pledge herself to someone else.

Somehow, Shelby Thomas manages to portray that spark, desire and betrayal with an emotional depth and urbane charm, which makes this a must read for those searching for a different romance.For me, I am enraptured by her way of story telling that I have just ended up searching for her other books, to read at my leisure.

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