Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stargazing Memories

One of the wonderful things which I love about Sydney is that, this is one part of the world where I can see the stars.If you have been in the crowded places like Chennai or New York recently, you would understand why this is a strange fascination for me.One of the fast disappearing scenes of this modern world is the sight of the beautiful starry night sky.Maybe due to too many lights in use or whatever other reason, you no longer get to see any stars in many places.
Gazing at the starry night holds special memories for me.When we were kids living in Chennai, there used to be the occasional power cut then.This is not like the scheduled power cuts, which are happening nowadays in Tamil Nadu, especially in the very hot summers.Those were times of carefree childhood.I remember how along with my sister, I used to frequent the  fenced roof top, and sit there having many silly as well as heart to heart conversations.We would recount what happened in the day, sharing secrets as only sisters can.She used to tell me about all her fights and we used to talk about the various teachers and how they were always giving us endless tests.She is happily settled in some other part of the world and I am also busy with my family.But whenever I gaze at the night stars here in Sydney, I am taken back to my childhood with her, filled with precious memories.
There is something so very final about being surrounded by the vast sky, which makes you realize how small you are and an insubstantial part of the universe.It also makes you feel really silly for worrying about things over which you have little or no control.It reminds you to look to your passion and not waste that precious time doing something just for the sake of it.
Even if I wish for it, those carefree days of childhood are not withing my reach.It is only my  slowly fading memory which keeps them alive.At that time, I remember being excited thinking about what the future had in store for us - where we would be 10-15 years later and what we would be doing - what things would have changed.Today is one of those times of nostalgia, when I wish I had the chance to go back to those days and just stay there forever.

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  1. Good job!! :) Reminded me of those times which we can never get back except in the warm fuzzy blanket of our memories. Brought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face! Keep writing loads more...:)