Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Joy Of Book Addiction!

Some people are addicted to a strong cup of coffee, some others to the net and social networking.There are many who are addicted to drugs and drink.Ordinary folks like us are addicted to books.While its a known fact that many of these other addictions have an adverse effect on health, book addiction is one, which is guilt free.Can you imagine becoming sick reading too many books? You only become more informed, or creative or sharper in your language skills as the case may be.

However, its not simply information or knowledge which draws us to books, though it is one of those excellent reasons.Here are some other reasons, why we read what we read.

Complementing Our Sense of worth:A book on what we love is a fountain of knowledge.In a world where information is king, being informed and having the opportunity to be tuned to whatever passion it is that one loves makes books indispensable.The more there is an opportunity for exploration , the greater the positive effect on self worth and confidence.Book addiction, many a time enables us to fit  in our social circles by giving us authority to speak on a subject.The most well read are those who have a variety of subjects to touch upon and as such, their company is most sought out to bring meaning and fun into a conversation.

Having fun without being on the run: Books are one of the most pleasurable ways to relax and have fun.The thing with a book is that you do not need to set a goal or read it to achieve anything.There are no points,there is no win and yet there is a guarantee of feeling a sense of accomplishment, which is stimulating.
Whether you realize it or not, the lack of deadlines and the flexibility to proceed at one's own pace and inclination is something which adds incredible value to book addiction.Most of us read, not because it is a chore to be completed, but rather a choice which one can or cannot pursue depending on the mood.

The joy of exploration and discovery:The fascinating world of books has so much to offer by way of variety.There is fiction and non fiction.In that, there is a variety of genre to explore such as adventure, mystery, romance, philosophy, not to mention to do guides to help in pursuit of one's passion.The joy of discovering something interesting or new in the world of books is as real as the euphoria or excitement which Columbus must have experienced on discovering America.

A book is, but a seed of an  idea.Due to their changeable nature and ability to narrate a story or touch a person's heart, books are like gold to be hoarded and treasured.Their value and worth is of the intangible kind, bringing hope and meaning to the elusive definition of life.


  1. Good to read your blog Ramya.Good to know that you are an book-addict.Yes books keep you engrossed and you forget the world once you get into it.Keep it up!! All the best.
    Rajan (your fathers cousin)