Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Veronica Roth - Divergent - A Book review

This is my first time reading an official dystopian novel and I must say that it was a thrilling ride from start to end.Somewhere on another blog, I had read that dystopian novels were selling like hotcakes.I had read the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Myers, and while it was about vampires and werewolves - both other worldly creatures, it was set in the present world.The first fascinating thing which I notice about Divergent by Veronica Roth is that it is a story all about people - but set in a world with different rules.I consider this fascinating in so many different levels.

The Story: Beatrice Prior, part of Abnegation makes her choice.However her tests are inconclusive and that can only mean one thing - she is part of the endangered divergents. She chooses Dauntless and works her way through initiation, forming friendships and managing enemies.No one can be trusted and each answer brings in more questions than before.There is only a fine line between right and wrong and little clue to aid her in her decisions.Its a beautifully tale of hope and despair, right and wrong, very much in touch with the characters.This haunting portrayal only whets our appetite for more.

The Rules Are New And So Is Belonging : The world in which the story is set is bleak and is made up of various factions.Everyone has to choose a faction to belong to and must follow the rules which make up each faction.There is the Candor for honesty,Amity for peace ,Dauntless for bravery,Abnegation for selflessness and Erudite for knowledge.Divergent mainly focuses on Abnegation and Dauntless, though a bit of Erudite is included.If you're wondering what the people who do not choose or not chosen by any of these factions fall into, they form part of the factionless which is equivalent to being homeless.

Coming Of Age Means Embracing The Unknown:The novel itself starts with the self narration of  the main character Beatrice Prior, who is just turning 16 and would have to go through an evaluation and choose a faction.Its stunningly stark in portraying the city and through the eyes of Beatrice, the readers get a feel of what it would be to belong to Abnegation.Though subtle, there is a hint at the kind of anxiety one would face while having to take a major decision, without having full information on the consequences.In this world of factions, the process of choosing a faction and completing the initiation ritual implies coming into contact with your deepest fears and accepting your dark side as part of yourself.No one is perfect and the trials and tribulations of Beatrice Prior, who later evolves as Tris touch a part of the uncertainity and questions that each of us have in our lives.This, I think is the USP, which has caused many a reader to root for Tris and become a part of her world.

Its Definitely A Saga: The first book is complete as far as the main plot is concerned.But there are still a lot of unanswered questions and we are sure that there is another book waiting to tell you the continuing story of the world of factions.I just could not resist and hence checked out the author site as well.Other than being super cool, Veronica Roth also shares her excitement on the first book being made into a film right now.There is her second book of the series which is called Insurgent already published.Her third book called Allegiant has been okayed for publishing and is expected to be out in October 2013.

What Could Be Better: I honestly don't think there is much to add here, as Divergent is already fantastic as it is.Still, I feel a brief introduction to how this faction was formed and the operations in detail,the reason which brought this about could have been added in the beginning to make the reader feel more in tune with the book and happenings.

I have just reserved my copy of Insurgent and eagerly waiting for the third book to hit the shelves.For those of you who would like to follow up on the film and Veronica Roth, see here.Not only does it have the latest updates about her writings, but she also reviews a lot of other authors and their new writings which is very interesting and helpful for those of us who are searching for similar reads.

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