Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Makes A Romance Sell?

I am a book junkie or book addict as some would prefer to call it.Serious romance reads gets me up and running like nothing else can.So I ask myself, the idea of romance is the same - that of a man and woman committing them selves,or a man and man or woman and woman as the case may be.But you get the point.
Why do some books sell like hotcakes while some others sit on the shelves like rocks?
This is something which many of the writers are no doubt searching the answers for.Now a romance book is not simply a man meets partner, falls for her/him and they live happily ever after.It is amazing if you look at what the readers still look for in a romance read.
From the marketing perspective, it is rather like baiting the fish.Though what makes it so very interesting is that there is a lot more strategy, fine tuning and depth involved is writing a story that sells and even gets made into films.
The Plot: Though the basic plot remains the same, taste changes with time.So I can truthfully say that not all the readers  are looking for a happily ever after.The romance that truly sells takes its cue from real life, which means that there is frustration, disappointments, second chances and bleak realizations, though there may be some unexpected silver linings in the horizon.
Relating and Emoting: Romance books need to be top notch in these two areas to sell hard and fast.Along with the element of love or romance which is a given at any time, the characters need to relate to the audience.On the right note, the characters must also relate to each other.Romance is all made up of emotions.The more intense the interplay between the characters, the better it is for the readers.
The Characters: When a story is simple and touching, it makes for a great romance read.Take "Love Story" by Erich Segal and you will understand what I mean.With a perfect plot swept in currents of intense emotions, it still takes strong independent characters for a story to finally sell.This could be the story of any woman on the street or any man on the road.And everyone loves reading it, because it could well be their story.
Book cover and Presentation: Believe it or not, the title of the book, the picture gracing the cover and the story summary or summing up are often the most important deal breakers.Accepted that there are hundred new ways that a book may be marketed, the reader often picks up a book , intrigued by the title or the story gist or parts thereof tantalizingly presented.Its called teasing the audience and it sure as hell works almost 99% of the time if not 100%.
Needless to say, romance reads are much more than simply good stories.Its rather like being at the right street , in the right time for the right person to pick you up.

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