Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Experiment With Gardening

Just recently, I was searching in my shelf for some mint leaves which I thought were in stock.These are life savers when you want to dish up some really tasty Biriyani.I am now privy to what goes on to make the perfect Anjappar Style Egg Biriyani - all thanks to the most perfect recipe from my neighbor Surya.Thanks a ton there Surya.Now back to my tale, unfortunately, I was out of stock and so had to cancel my Biriyani plans for that day.However one good thing which got started was that, I got searching on if I can grow my own Mint plant.And behold, there was this blog which had full information on how to proceed.The best thing was that anyone could do it and all you needed to start with were freshly purchased mint with stems.

Getting Started:So anyway, one thing led to another, and I put in  my first set of mint cuttings in a soil filled cardboard box,with a sprinkling of water, which was covered with a plastic bag to retain moisture.I waited patiently for two weeks, checking daily and continuing to keep it moist by adding water in drops.Out of the ten cuttings which I kept, almost 6-7 survived and grew roots. I transferred them from the cardboard egg tray to a proper pot.At first it looked like the leaves were all turning grey and falling away.However, fresh shoots started appearing and since then ,these plants have started flourishing.I am confident that in a while, I will have my own mint garden to depend on 24/7.
                  The mint cuttings after a week in the card board box

                   They are kept in shade and covered by a plastic bag

      My Mint Garden - Freshly growing since transferred to a pot

Opening New Doors:Now that I have my own mint garden, I have become very eager to try to grow other stuff as well.You may as well call me a seed maniac, because hardly a day goes by, without me keeping aside something to experiment and see if it grows, from the seeds we get from the usual vegetables and fruit.It is wonderful to be a part of the miracle, that is nature.Having also got seeds for tomatoes, brinjals, lady'sfinger, angled luffa(peerkangai), zinnia(flower) and green snake bean(pythangai), I am waiting for these to start germinating..The most trying thing that a new gardener experiences is the waiting.Gardening is teaching me a lot of patience, because you have to patiently wait for your seeds to germinate and care for them as tenderly as you would for your child.
Shoots of Angled Luffa - From Seeds Purchased From The Chinese Supermarket 

Why I Would Like To Continue:If you witness nature's miracle and are a part of it, it is very difficult to remain unaffected.There is abundant sunshine here in Sydney.We have our own big backward, which has a patch of land as well as big floor of grey tiles over which pots may be placed.My husband who also loves gardening, has made big plans for growing a lot of things in our backyard.If we are lucky and able to stay on here for a while, we would hopefully get to taste the fruits of our labor, literally.
Till then I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that my seedling babies grow up to become strong and healthy plants.Gardening seems to be a great stress reliever as well as confidence booster.The sense of accomplishing something, when your seed grows -it just cannot be described in words.
As always, feels free to drop in your comments and/or questions if any.

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