Thursday, September 26, 2013

Would You Like Love Potion No 8/9 ?

Well, Are you one of those who does not have any luck with the opposite sex.?If so maybe there is this potion which would make you irresistible to all of the opposite sex.This is the theme for the film Love Potion No 9.I am a great fan of Sandra Bullock(of the Speed and Miss Congeniality fame) and that she is the heroine of Love Potion No 9 is just one of the added incentives for me.

Though this film came out as early as  1992, the music and the presentation in a dimmed crystal sets the tone which seems suitable for all times.You are introduced to Paul Matthews, who is having no luck whatsoever with any women.It goes to the extent that his friends place a bet on if he would be able to go and talk a beautiful woman into going out with him.He works as a biochemist and has feelings for his dorky co worker Diane Farrow, who is presumably in love with a hunk.Now whether her love is reciprocated by the said hunk is yet another story.

As luck would have it, Paul and his friends go to a gypsy Madame Ruth( just for spooky fun for the month), who foresees that he has  no chance with any woman in his life.She hopes to remedy this situation with a drop of Love Potion No 8.As is the case of cynical scientists, Paul firmly believes it is all hogwash and just disposes of the said potion in the dustbin.In the mean time, his friends set him up with a hooker named Marisa with whom he spends some time talking things out.It is only when his cat tastes it and has all the neighboring cats lined up, does he search for it and tries to find what are the components of the said potion and its effect.

With his coworker Diane, he studies the characteristics of the potion and for the greater good, they both decide to present themselves as test subjects to further study the effectiveness of the Love Potion.Diane captures the attention of a wealthy car moghul as well as the Prince of England and also transforms from the dorky duck to the simmering swan during this time period.Paul has a series of short lived affairs with various women he encounters in various places.Paul and Diane at some point realize their attraction for each other and give it a go.By the time Paul has come to a realization that she is his love, her ex Gary has won her affection by using the same Love Potion from the said gypsy and is all set to marry Diane.Paul, though finds out about it only later.

How Paul tries to unsuccessfully convince his friends, how Marisa enters the scene, uses the love potion 8 unwittingly make up for some real LOL scenes.Paul, again goes to the gypsy who gives him Love Potion No 9, which will purify and override the effects of Love Potion No 8.If there was ever any true love involved, Love Potion No 9 will prevent that from fading.Paul makes it to the wedding with the Love Potion No 9.But will he succeed in getting Diane to drink it ?Will it be happily ever after? All these are questions better answered watching the film.Further more, what happens when you down a whole bottle of Love Potion No 8, as Marisa does?

Of all the films out there, this is an out and out comedy, with a wonderful uplifting story line and the last 15 minutes of guaranteed laughter to give you those feel good moments.So, I ask you  - Would you like Love Potion No 9?

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