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A List Of Antinutrients And Unacceptable Additives.

Every once in a while, I take some books which inspire a better way of living.Being the mother of a 3 year old child, whether I am giving her the right kind of food is almost always a constant thought in my mind.Every mother out there would readily agree when I say that the toughest thing is not always deciding what to give our children, but rather having a clear idea of what not to give.So when I came across Optimum Nutrition For Your Child by Patrick Holford & Deborah Colson, I was thrilled to find something which might help me become clearer on the subject.

Not everyone has the chance to read this book and so I thought to share some important information in short with everyone.When buying stuff, whether it is biscuits, chips or anything, you can simply check the ingredient list for the following.If you have a print out of this page in hand or a link to this blog page, it will help make informed decisions.

If you study in school, you can actually look at the back of the Coke/Pepsi, Lays and other fast foods while you shop to be aware of what you are eating and how it is going to affect you.

A Short List Of Anti Nutrients:

Cadmium -  Found in Cigarette Smoke and Exhaust Fumes.Also found in small amounts in refined foods
Aluminium - In  aluminium foil used in Food Packaging, from aluminium cookware.Its absorbed more when there is a deficiency of Zinc.Adequate Vitamin C can help the body handle aluminium.
Mercury - Small amounts from cosmetics, amalgam tooth fillings, low energy light bulbs.Found in fish, especially larger ones like tuna,swordfish,marlin,shark.
Lead:Not much around since the advent of unleaded petrol.Found in paint.Check for lead levels in toys for children.

Acceptable Additives:

 Colors: E101 -Vitamin B2, E160 - Vitamin A(Carotene)
Antioxidants: E300 - 304 (Vitamin C), E306- 309 ( Tocopherols like Vitamin E)
E322 - Lecithin
 Stabilisers: E375 - Niacin, E440 - Pectin

Unacceptable Additives:

E129: Allura red AC
  • Used: coloring in snacks,sauces,preservatives,soups,wine,cider
  • Avoid: for asthma,rhinitis( incl hay fever) , hives.
E123: Amaranth
  • Used:Coloring in jams, jellies, cake decorations
  • Avoid: For asthma, rhinitis, hives or other allergies.
E951: Aspartame
  •  Used: Sweetener in snacks,sweets,desserts and diet foods
  • Effects: Long term high dosage may result in headaches,blindness,seizures.May affect people with PKU
E210: Benzoic Acid
  •  Used: Preservative in foods, drinks,low sugar products, cereals meat products
  • Avoid:For asthma, rhinitis, hives or other allergies. 
  • Effects:could temporarily inhibit digestive enzymes functioning,deplete glycine levels
E151: Brilliant black BN
  • Used: Color in snacks,sauces,cheese,drinks
  • Avoid: For asthma, rhinitis, hives or other allergies.
E320:  Butylated Hydroxy - anisole (BHA)
  •  Used: Preservative in fat containing foods,meat,confectionary
  • Effects:Possibly carcinogenic( cancer causing agent) to humans - International Agency of Research on Cancer.Also may result in chemicals which may change the DNA structure.
E212/E213: Potassium/Calcium benzoate
  • Used:Preservative in many foods including drinks,cereal,meat products,low sugar products.
  • Effects:Could hinder digestive enzymes from functioning,deplete amno acid glycine levels.
  • Avoid:For asthma, rhinitis, hives.
E226: Calcium Sulphite
  • Used:Preservative in many foods such as biscuits,burgers,frozen mushroom
  • Effects:Make old food appear fresh.May result in bronchial probelms,flushing reddening of skin,low BP,tingling,anaphylactic shock.
  • Avoid: For bronchial asthma,cardiovascular or respiratory problems, or emphysema - International Labour Organisation.
E621: Monosodium glutamate(MSG)
  • Used:Flavor enhancer
  •  Effects:People sensitive to MSG may experience pressure on head,tightnss of face,burning sensations,headache,nausea,chest pains and seizures.
  • Many baby food producers have stopped adding MSG to their products
E124: Ponceau 4R, Cochineal red A 
  • Used: As coloring
  • Effects:Worsening of symptoms for asthma, rhinitis, hives. 
E211: Sodium benzoate
  • Used: Preservative
  • Effects:Hyperactivity in Children,may promote oxidative damage
E249: Potassium nitrate
  • Used: Preservative in cured meats,canned meat products
  • Effects:Lower oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.Could combine with other substances to form nitrosamines which is a cancer causing agent.May have atrophying effect to adrenal gland.
E216: Propyl p-hroxy-benzoate, proply-paraben,paraben
  • Used: Used:Preservative in cereals,snacks, pâté,meat products,confectionary
  • Effects:Frequently identified as cause of chronic dermatitis
E954: Saccharin and its NA,K and Ca salts
  • Used:Sweetener in diet and no added sugar products
  • Effects: Possibly carcinogenic( cancer causing agent) to humans - International Agency of Research on Cancer.
E223: Sodium metabisulphite
  • Used:Widely used as preservative and antioxidant
  • Effects:May provoke life threatening asthma.A woman developed severe asthma after eating a salad with vinegar based dressing containing E223.
E221: Sodium sulphite
  • Used: Preservative in wine and other procssed foods
  • Effects: Associated with triggering asthma attacks.Most asthmatics are sensitive to sulphites in food
E512: Stannous chloride(tin)
  • Used: As antioxidant and color retention agent in canned and bottled foods and fruit juices.
  • Effects: Acute poisoning - nausea,vomiting,diarrhoea and headaches.
  • Has been reported from ingestion of fruit juices containg concentrations of tin greater than 250mg/l.
E220: Sulphur dioxide
  • Used: Preservative
  • Effects: Reacts with a wide range of substances found in food as well as vitamins,minerals,enzymes,essential fats.Most common adverse reaction is bronchial problems, especially in those prone to asthma.May cause hypotension, flushing,tingling, anaphylactic shock
  • Avoid:  For conjunctivitis,bronchitis,bronchia, asthma, cardiovascular disease or emphysema.
SE110: Sunset yellow FCF, Orange/Yellow
  • Used:Coloring
  • Effects:Some animal studies indicated retardation,severe weight loss related to this additive
  • Avoid:For asthma, rhinitis, hives. 
E102: Tartrazine
  • Used: Coloring
  • Effects:May cause allergic reactions in perhaps 15 per cent of population.May cause asthma attacks.Has been implicated in bouts of hyperactivity disorder in children.Worsening of symptoms for asthma, rhinitis, hives. 

Spread the word around.While it is not possible to check each and every thing we eat or give our children.Information at our hands gives us the power to make healthy and wise choices.

Source:Patrick Holford and Deborah Colson,Optimum Nutrition For Your Child (Piatkus, 2008)
Clause: The above post is intended for information  and education only.

Please feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions.

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