Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Indian Cinema - After the happily everafter ?

It seems so funny and ironic that the majority of Indian cinema, especially Tamil films are often about love - first love, new love, falling in love and no one cares about what happens after the happily ever after.The true question should not be just about finding love, but a truthful portrayal of what happens after the happily ever after.While films are made to cater to the society, the most pertinent question arises nonetheless - Are we as the masses of Tamil Nadu incapable of  demanding meaningful films?
A masala film (i.e one which has the usual uplifting story,a beautiful heroine, some sort of hero,song dance sequence, fights and a happy ending) may be okay for the occasional relaxation, but true cinema stays in the mind of the audience, makes him ponder over the state of the society and how one can be a part in addressing the various social problems.Human life is often made of  circumstances, involves ever changing relationships and it seems so unfair that cinema focuses solely on the emotion of love, when others such as the relationship between parents and children or in laws are sorely ignored.

While you can see that many new subjects are being explored in tamil cinema, the majority are the ones with the same themes - like a hero, a bad guy/situation , a girl, some friends, song and dance etc.It is worthy to point out that newer versions of relationships are being explored according to the changing generation and values.

But please, someone show us the gritty reality of what happens after the happily ever after.It would make us realize that the boring moments in life of waking up, brushing, cooking /cleaning, going to work, playing with our children, which is common to us all, is what is real.Sometimes, we are lucky to have these constant  moments in our lives.When you hear about all the bomb blasts, murders and accidents happening in life, there is a part of you which is happy that it was not you.The ordinary life which we lead may not be so ordinary after all.Accidents make you ponder over the miracle that is life and this should rightly be so.

Directors, please show us the problems of married life without any fanfare, which we ordinary people face.Portray the intensity of the man woman relationship and the simple moments that keep it going.What does an ordinary man take joy in and what are the problems running in the heads of people who are entering the cradle of adulthood.How does the feeling of being responsible for another little life feel.There are so many things unexplored in tamil cinema.

A film is about touching lives.When we come out of the theatre, let us experience the joy, which is unique, when the wonder of ordinary lives are artfully portrayed.

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