Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Catching Happiness

For some time since our return to Sydney Australia, I have been filled with a sense of contentment that I am able to do justice to what matters to me.This really brings out the sensitive side in me.When I look at everyone around busy with their life and the activities which make it so, I question myself, "Are they happy?".
This truly gets me to thinking about my emotional well being.Am I happy? What is there to be happy about.I have a routine with my family to look after, but what makes me really happy? I would like to work a job, now that my little girl has joined preschool. Again, will the job or the money it will bring me make me happy? Will I have the time to do the stuff that I love - to paint and learn to paint new stuff, to be creative.Or will I  reach the far end of my life, doing something just because everyone else is doing it.That is a question that is always constantly on my mind.I also know that the mind is fickle and what I consider to be a happy state today may not be necessarily  so tomorrow.Despite that, I am unable to stop myself from this quest.

How do you catch happiness?

 If materials would make you happy, then why do you want more.After a time, clothes do not give you joy, nor does listening to music in your latest Iphone. The plot of your favorite author does not excite you anymore.The sparkle seems to have gone for good.It seems as if happiness is a bubble which bursts when you try to catch it.But we being human , run behind this complex feeling, which has no fixed definition for the high state it helps to keep us in, albeit even for a small period of time.We do so many things in the hope of getting high on that addictive state - being happy.

Many times, there is that empty feeling, that something was to be , which was missed.Rather, would I be right in saying that this was not how you thought life would be? As it so happens, while I am sitting here writing this, I am given a reminder of life's quirks, the necessary oddities which makes life as it is.When I feel grateful for being where I am right now, I feel a sense of peace, which for a moment could be defined as happiness.

What's making me happy?

I  am going to make a poor attempt at listing out stuff  making me happy, which may lose its relevance in a minute or so. But still, its something. I feel happy when I have a routine. I have taken up regular exercising and yoga. It makes me tired, active and ensures a good night's sleep. I love to keep myself active. So I volunteer to fill up my time being useful to people in some way if I can.I make time to paint as that is one of the things which I truly love.I spend time doing a full cooking routine daily. A happy tummy makes for a happy me.Less of oils, fries and more of sprouts to give me that feeling of well being. I spend a lot of quality time with my little one. I am happy when she is happy.It gives me happiness to see her grow into a healthy and confident child. I also take out time to listen to new songs and dance with my little one.
I am learning to live happy from within. Reaching out to something or someone is not a sure way to be happy in the long run. I understand that it is simply trying to fill the time when I feel alone or sad.

If you read this, take a moment to think about what makes you happy. Relax and enjoy being there .And feel free to drop in a line telling me what makes you truly happy.

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