Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We were there - Auckland Central

I have been wanting to write this one for a long time.But sometimes, life just gets in the way of your best laid plans and before you know it, the months fly by. Just as life throws many unexpected surprises our way, we have become richer in our experience after the rather unexpected, but charming stay for about two months in New Zealand.We stayed in Auckland City Center, which is considered to be one of the populated cities in New Zealand.That we've had the chance to stay here and enjoy this land of beauty and purity  -  we are lucky indeed.

Auckland Central:  We had the chance to stay at THE VOLT apartments, which is ideally situated in the Queen Street.This is one of the main streets in Auckland Central where there is maximum activity in terms of things to do, places to hang out and eat outs ranging from New York firewood pizzas to Asian cuisine, especially Indian, Thai and Chinese.I have been to various places in my life and this is one of the friendliest cities I have ever been to .Though there are not many people around, when you live there for some time, the relaxed atmosphere gets to you.Though living in what is considered a populated city in Auckland, I felt healthier than I have ever felt anywhere.The fresh water, authentic tasting fruits ,vegetables and the pleasant weather all year round, gives you a lot of energy.

It is full of slopes and curves, but nevertheless, it is a heaven for those amongst you who may have a passion in photography.Even ordinary places appear beautiful and filled with color in photos and that indeed is what I consider the magic of New Zealand.We were there during winter and truth be told, eventually you get used to the drizzling rain which comes on and off as well as the chilly winds and never step out without your  hooded overcoat.Umbrellas are of little or no use as the strong wind quite turns it upside down and it becomes quite comical with you trying to hold onto your umbrella, pulled away by the wind.

The city is quite costly, but the hive of activity which distinctly separates it from its counterparts is what lends color and life to it.There is always something always underway, be it the demonstrations by various ethnic groups or  dances by the Hare Krishna Group or various art groups choosing to perform in the Queen street in its wide pavements to the passing audience.

It is said that Southern New Zealand is more beautiful and scenic.We were in Northern New Zealand and I can fully understand how true it is that nature has bestowed this land with all that is her best in terms of fertile land, a pleasant weather and wonderful, friendly people.While City Central is a relatively small place which can easily covered, it is filled with small pebble paved streets, adding character and an old world charm to the place.It is a lot of fun to explore these narrow streets on your own and discover those quaint little eat outs,  fashion shops and take in the breathtaking scene around you that is New Zealand.

Maybe this is just us, but we were very lazy and did not actually go anywhere specific in New Zealand for sight seeing.I do not have any regrets that we did not get a chance to see Southern New Zealand.To be in New Zealand was enough of a dream and those memories would last me a lifetime.

Truth be told, it was only when I got to know that we would have to move out of New Zealand because of project reasons, that I felt a twinge of nostalgia that I would never again get the chance to walk around Victoria Street and my favorite Forte Street and admire all those wonderful scenes, which I had taken for granted.I went around and tried to cram as much of New Zealand in a few hours walk as could.These were memories to treasure for a lifetime.

I am happy that I got the chance to share my experience with you all.If you are searching for that dream destination, make sure to make this one of your stops and be amazed.

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