Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tried and Tested Recipes

In this era of technology where most of us learn cooking from recipes and videos that we find online, I wanted to share some links of  various websites where I found good recipes and the final version also came out very well.I personally do not stand to gain anything from providing these links and am doing this as a basic guide to people starting out on cooking.
This might be time saving for many of us, because while there are many links to the same items, some give really excellent results when compared to many others.This is in no way saying that the other versions are bad. Rather these are fail proof ones which are guaranteed to give good results.I will also add anything which I learned from these recipes as well as tips and tricks to get them well.

Gulab Jamuns: Well, for me the ready made Gulab Jamun mix never did yield good results and thus began my search all over the web for a recipe guaranteed to give good end results.I found the one recipe here

This one gives perfect gulab jamuns each and every time. Just be sure to follow the instructions exactly and the measures as well.Now thanks to Bhajias Cooking, Gulab Jamuns are a breeze for me.

Chettinad Tomato Chutney: There are many versions of tomato chutney.This one came out really very well in my trial today and they tasted yummy with the dosas. I really loved this chettinad version and the idea of adding coconut milk instead of coconut was a bit novel for me.You can find the chutney recipe here.

Tiffin Sambar/Moong Dal Sambar: We love the slightly watery sambar which we used to taste in the roadside eat outs in Chennai with the hot steaming idlis and dosas.On the search for the perfect recipe for this sambar. I found this recipe here , which yields the most yummy sambar each and every time.I have tried this four to five times and every time, the end result has been nothing but lip licking delicious  tiffin sambar, which we can drink out of a bowl.Give it a try and you won't be dissapointed.Be sure to check it out here

Dal Tadka: Anyone ever wondered how the simple yellow great tasting dal at the restaurant gets made.I did and a search on the net and further trial and error of various recipes led me to the ultimate one.I must say I was very impressed with this recipe that I do make a habit of checking this website for other recipes as well.Kudos to Dassana Amit for her wonderful recipes. Check out the recipe for Moong Dal Tadka here

 Vegetable Pulav: The recipe for the tastiest pulav after looking at many websites and the feedback, I rather stumbled upon this wonderful website.It kind of gives an intro to chettinad cooking.What I really love about Solai's Chettinad Kitchen  is that the recipes have the exact measures.This is very important when you are starting out new and have no idea what makes what.This wonderful recipe for vegetable pulav is one of my all time favorites and has never failed to give me excellent results time and again.The idea of adding coconut milk is also new.If using instant coconut milk, try adding a little less than 1 cup to 2 cups water as given in the recipe.It makes the rice very filling and heavy.No potatoes in this one.....Check it out here and enjoy.Also check out Solai's Kitchen for many other wonderful recipes.

Methi Paratha Punjabi Style: I have always been reluctant to try these parathas because the measures of spices to be used always to be very tricky.I however found out this video where the measures and instructions worked for methi paratha.I loved that the dhania or corriander seeds are added in theink whole form rather than as a powder.It gave an amazing taste to these parathas.Check out this youtube video for the tastiest methi parathas here

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